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ive got a handful of MR art requests on tumblr now, which im slowly working through on weekends. two more from this sunday:

[personal profile] toujours_nigel submitted alec + ralph, and ever since The Thousandth Man i havent been able to get the image of ralph in navy whites out of my head:

[personal profile] prancy called in for bunny & ralph, and there's even a fic to match!!! im in rapture:

anyway, feel free to request something here on dreamwidth as well! (so far ive got plenty of R/L wedding night asks, so rest assured that base is covered) 

maybe i should make it a twelve days of christmas or something? (or twelve days of ketchup, going by my latest requests...)

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someone on tumblr requested the hair-stroking scene between R and L. course i had to oblige :)
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ive been mostly messing around on twitter and tumblr these days, which has resulted in me being recruited for an attack on titan fanzine.

the final illustration is under wraps until the zine comes out, but i was so pleased with how the sketches came out that i had to post them somewhere. it's not renault-related at all, but a 15th century plate armour AU for some anime characters is probably...........tangentially....relevant...........!
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i'm rabbit-sitting this week, so naturally i had to draw bunny...........with bunnies

(also, will someone let me know if i got his rank right? dont have my copy of TC to check, so had to improvise on the sleeves)
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julian why do you object to being treated like a dog when you insist on acting like one

(totally used [personal profile] naraht's fancast for hilary here)

some bonus julians:


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new sketchbook = TC doodles


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