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devoured the rest of RtN on the long commute home. i have some......................feelings.

first one being, i dnt know why im still so shocked these days when MR turns good old biological essentialism into a poetic device, bc tons of other people do it, and i hardly bother to roll my eyes. maybe bc they're not half as original about it, and because i dont start out with the somewhat ill-founded belief that they're on my side?

still, the thing with MR's flavour of internalized misogyny (and homophobia) is that i can't fully bring myself to call it a flaw in her novels, because it's not something you can remove without making the works unrecognizable. like the lean in the leaning tower of pisa. all the motherhood/birth imagery towards the end of RtN was wild. the story about mrs. fleming's actor was off-the-wall batshit. and the cave reunion ending was terrifying for reasons both narrative & meta. but of course that's what it was all building up to. hilary's just agreed mentally to birth & swaddle her very own manbaby for the rest of her days, spiritually accepting the hallowed calling of her sex that she's been denying for so long-- it's ghastly, and beautiful, as only MR could make it. i think my mouth dropped open on the bus at the madonna reference. caves. wombs. jesus's mom. christ.

will prob have more thoughts later in the week, since im still processing it all

once again, it's hilarious how love in MR novels is this supernatural force that takes hold of two people who barely know each other and who in fact may actively harbour delusions about each other, until they collide in a spectacular payoff that narrowly prevents one of them dying. and by hilarious, i mean stressful. for me.
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