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just started on return to night and like, how does mary renault so accurately describe the frustrations of being in an oppressed group while semi-absolving/glossing over the actual source of oppression? im gonna kick david's ass

julian's also turning out to be one hell of a love interest. theres something surreal (and i think significant) about meeting him as a body, first as a vision of youth and vigour and beauty, and then the reverse, stripped "to the loins" and concussed and then literally opened up on the surgery table, with no agency or ability to speak for himself. i don't think ive ever seen a male lead presented in western fiction this way, with no regard whatsoever for his inner life (and i gotta to say, as far as female-gazey power trips go im kinda digging this............)

anyway, i'll hold off on further judgment until at least they finish a full conversation that doesnt end in julian barfing??? super digging this so far tho

edit: was in a research/validation call with a patient this morning and automatically said "he" when referring to their oncologist. doc turned out to be a dude after all, but i feel like i have to burn some incense in hilary's name now. 60+ years later and still nothing's changed


Date: 2015-09-28 08:03 pm (UTC)
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Oooh, liveblog! Super digging it so far. ;)

When you do finally find out about Julian's inner life, many people wish they hadn't found out - partly joking, but for me, certainly the intense female-gazeyness and the reversal of the usual power dynamics is a big part of the appeal. That and Hilary's total awesomeness.

Also, yes, David deserves all the ass-kicking in the world.


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